Wishing vs Working

Your Money Mind Set- Tara Taylor Financial Jan 15 Blog

Are you “Working” or “Wishing” to get your finances in order this year?

I know sticking to a budget is really tough– you may start out great but slowly but surely distractions start to creep in like:

  • Dinner with friends at a fancy restaurant or 2x a week vs 1xweek
  • Adding that new pair of jeans, moisturizer or makeup purchase to your cart
  • BOGo’s- yes, we have all fallen for it- Buy one, get one free or Buy one /get one 50% off

One statistic I heard is that by Jan 12 most people start to fall away from their goals or New Year resolutions.  It is only 2 weeks into the new year- and yes people start to relent- but why? I believe it is because they are trying to make too big a change too quick.   Smaller intentions and goals lead to tangible success quickly, which will allow you to see actual results, build confidence and create sustainable habits that will really help you transform your finances.

As an example, I just reviewed all of my subscription services (digital, monthly clubs and services) and the one that got me were the free trials- you know the ones that entice you to join for 6 weeks free then they charge you’re a full price monthly fee. Before you know it, a lot of these “small charges” really add up. This was a small goal of mine to start in January and now that I have done it, I see some tangible savings of over $100 a month of “stuff” I was not really using. I often revert back to a saying my mom used quite often when we were kids going to the grocery store.  We always begged for the cookies, chips, snack etc. as kids will do. She would say that is a “non necessity purchase”.  At the time, I just saw it as a flat-out NO. but now I think back and it sticks with me every time I make a purchase and it gives me pause to think:  Do, I really need this?  Don’t get me wrong, I still fall prey to the impulse buy but it helps me slow down a bit and think it through. Remember you don’t have to start with large changes, start small and build confidence and consistency- and you can start at any time. 

Remember “the beginning is always today…”

Yours in Financial Health